Welcome to Orapin Group “Holiday Destination”. We are a local business company, main office located in Koh Samui.
Our services covering the areas of,

Boutique Hotels & Resorts of Orapin group (HRORG)

Bhundhari Villas (BVS)
“Samui Romance”
Bhundhari Koh Samui (BKS)
“Your Fabulous Holiday”
Bhundhari Resort & Spa (BRS)
“The Senses of Samui”

Bhundhari Chaweng Beach Resort (BCR)
“A Simple Pleasure”
Pariya Haad Yuan (PHY)
“The Beach Escape”
Bhundhari Airport Hotel & Resident (BHR)
“The comfortable long stay”
*Upcoming Project  
Bhundhari Express Chaweng (BEC)
“The HIP Styled Hostel”
Pariya Chaloklum Beach Resort (PCR)
“The Cozy Phangan”

Orapin Group
aims to combine gracious Thai hospitality with environmentally friendly design features at all our resorts so as to leave memorable and inspired experiences for our guests, community, business and employees.
For more information contact us at “ contact@orapingroup.com ” or face book Orapin Group

Siam Gulf Travel & Tour by Orapin Group (SGT)
“A One Stop Service Tour Operator”

Representative by Orapin Group (ROG)
“ Your Partner ”

Orapin Cooking Class (OCC)
“Absolutely Thai Cooking Class”
Academe of Orapin Group (AOG)
“Hotel Knowledges Sharing and Hotel System Improvement”
Engineering of Orapin Group (EOG)
“Hotel Engineering”
Orapin Business Consultant (OBC)
“All about Hotels & Resorts ”

Orapin Group is committing to run our business with a good government policy where we are aligning our business strategies and working directions to meet the following requirements,
1. Effectiveness
2. Efficiency
3. Responsiveness
4. Accountability
5. Transparency
6. Participation
7. Decentralization
8. Rule of Law
9. Equity
10. Consensus Oriented

We invite you to learn more about our business group.
For more information contact us at “ info@orapingroup.com ” or face book Orapin Group

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